baptism station

Baptism marks the beginning of our life in Christ, a complete transformation of ourselves as faithful followers of Jesus, the Son of God. This sacrament recognizes our creation as images of God and welcomes infants and adults into the community of the faithful who profess that Jesus is Lord by removing the original sin. In its public or private celebration, the community recalls its own initiation and sees again the vitality of the living and growing body of Christ in the world.

Baptism Program for Infants and Children

All Catholic families are invited to celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism at the parishes of Brawley Catholic: Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, and St. Margaret Mary. Parents and Godparents must be actively attending regular Mass; at Brawley Catholic or another Catholic parish. Child being baptized cannot be older than 7 years of age. In accordance with Diocesan policy the age limit for a general Baptism is 7 years old. If the child is above the age of seven they will need to attend RCIA for Children.

To begin the preparation, parents will need to pick up the Baptism Registration Form, from the parish offices of Sacred Heart or St. Margaret Mary.

*If anyone wishes to have a private Baptism please be advised that only our Deacons officiate private Baptisms. If the family wishes for a priest, they will have to do a public Baptism on the available dates provided each month*

Next, submit the completed form, along with your child's Birth Certificate, to the parish office. Parents and Sponsors are required to attend a Baptismal Preparation Class. We offer the class every Third Thursday of the month at Sacred Heart Parish at 6:30PM in English and Spanish. The preparation process is completed once the parents and Godparents have attended the Baptismal Preparation Class and all paperwork has been submitted.

The donation for general Baptisms are $50.00.
The donation for private Baptisms are $100.00.